Rescue Me PLB1

Spot Gen 3 PLB

PLB Hire

Our PLB Hire costs just $10 a day or $50 per week.

If you’re heading out for a few days and want peace of mind, a PLB (EPIRB) gives you that.  No need to pay for service plans or register, it’s all taken care of.  Better to have one and not need it, than need it and not have one!

Spot Gen 3 Hire

Lets your friends and family follow your progress with the tracking function!

Comes with:

Spot Gen 3
– Instruction Booklet
– Car Dash Mount (Optional)
– Fully Charged batteries and 1x spare set

Weight: 114g with 4 x AAA lithium batteries


Check in/OK: Let contacts know where you are and that you’re OK with a pre-programmed message
Custom Message: Send a pre-programmed, custom message with your GPS location to contacts you specify
Tracking: Automatically sends your GPS location and allows contacts you specify to track your progress through a private shared web address.
Help: Request help from your friends and family at your GPS location
SOS: In an emergency send an SOS with your GPS location to the Emergency Rescue Co-Ordination Centre

Rescue Me PLB 1

Comes With:

Rescue Me PLB 1
Flotation Pouch

Hire Details

*Minimum hire: 3 days or $30, $10 per day thereafter.
*$150 deposit, refundable upon return of undamaged equipment.