Western Arthur Range 1:25k map

Western Arthur Range on one 1:25k map!
Scale: 1:25,000
Size: 90cm x 60cm
Pricing: – $30 Unlaminated
– $40 Laminated
– $40 Synthetic-backed paper


Western Arthur Range 1:25k map.

This 1:25k map of the Western Arthur range shows the entire Western Arthur Range from Alpha to Kappa Moraine.  This map is stitched from 4 x 1:25k digital maps* and printed in store.

Two of the three 1:25k maps covering the Western Arthurs are no longer available in print due to the archiving of Tasmap’s 1:25k series.

This printing process can be done for any area in Tasmania using maps from any of their map series for the state.

Maps required: 

This map is only sold upon proof of purchase of the above digital maps.