Ultralight Dividers and Compass


Brand: Weems & Plath
Size: 178mm

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Ultralight Dividers and Compass

These Ultralight Dividers and Compass is the perfect tools to fill out your navigation kit.  They are the best-selling navigation tool in the Weems & Plath whole product line, and for good reason.

Constructed of coated marine alloy to resist corrosion, these durable dividers are fully adjustable, easy to use, and feature a unique center-adjustment mechanism that allows quick and precise one-handed operation.

Both tips can be interchanged with stainless steel points or pencil leads to turn the divider into a compass.

  • 17.78cm long
  • Coated marine alloy & plastic to resist corrosion
  • Center gear mechanism for easy use
  • Spare point, knob & lead provided
  • Made in Germany
  • Lifetime warranty

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