Traditional Yacht Navigation


Author: Jeff Toghill
Published: 2011
Pages: 232 – Paperback

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Traditional Yacht Navigation

Traditional Yacht Navigation combines two of Jeff Toghill’s most popular books – Coastal Navigation and Celestial Navigation – making this an essential handbook concerning small-boat navigation.

Most small boats are fitted with electronic navigation systems, but electronic gear is notoriously problematic in a damp or wet atmosphere and in the sometimes hazardous environment of a big seaway. Depending on their accuracy in such conditions can lead to life-threatening situations. With traditional navigation systems using compass and sextant, these problems do not arise – so a skilled navigator needs to be familiar with both systems.

The book deals with electronic navigation, but covers the basic aspects of the traditional systems in depth. Using numerous charts, diagrams and photographs, Jeff Toghill explains the naval chart, how to use a marine compass and all the details of coastal sailing, including:

  • Lights and lighthouses;
  • Planning the voyage and plotting the track;
  • Understanding winds and currents, tides and streams;
  • The harbour pilotage system;
  • Weather and weather forecasting.

The complex subject of celestial navigation is made simple enough for even the most non-mathematical sailor, with details on: Plotting position by sun, planets and stars; Related navigational routines, such as checking the compass by using heavenly objects; Taking radio time signals; Adjusting the sextant for day-to-day corrections.