South Coast Track Guide


Edition: 2nd Edition
Published: October 2017
Author: John and Monica Chapman
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The South Coast Track Guide details one of the worlds great wilderness walks, for which its reputation is justified. It is an 84 km walking track along the southern coastline of Tasmania crossing the southern edge of one of the largest temperate wilderness areas of the world and is a magnificent 5 to 9 day walk.

For a map of the walk, you can’t go past the 1:100,000 scale South Coast Walks map.  Also available is the 1:50,000 map Bathurst.

The track has been extensively repaired in recent years and is no longer considered to be muddy by experienced Tasmanian walkers. Visitors need to be aware though that there is still plenty of mud and most are very surprised by how much there is and how deep it can be. After rain, the muddy sections are still several kilometers long with the mud being often over knee deep. This is the result of poor soils and high rainfall and is part of the wonderful Tasmanian experience. If you walk often in Tasmania you will experience mud and eventually come to accept it.

The track itself has no services along it apart from some toilets at the major campsites. There are no huts or shelters, no roads or side tracks, no radios or ranger stations – in fact no signs of civilization apart from some track work to reduce the mud. There are many campsites along the track and walks vary from 5 to 9 days in length. Taking 7 to 9 days is suggested.

Experienced Tasmanian walkers regard this as an easy track and in fact use it as an access to get into some untracked rugged areas north of the coast. For the first time visitor it is strongly advised against attempting any untracked routes as most find the South Coast Track itself difficult enough for the first visit.

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