Sophia 1:100k Topo Map


Edition: 6
Production Year: 2011
Datum: GDA94
Scale: 1:100,000

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The Sophia 1:100,000 Topographic Map covers an inland area in Tasmania’s north-west and features Cradle Mountain and the start of the Overland Track.

Main features on this map are Cradle Mountain (1545m), Mount Campbell (1248m), Mount Emmett (1410m), Barn Bluff (1559m), Mount Inglis (1281m), Mount Proteus (1152m), Mount Pelion West (1560m), Mount Achilles (1363m), Perrins Bluff (1420m), Mount Thetis (1492m).

Main towns on the map are Rosebery and Tullah.

Adjoining maps in this series are Pieman (west), Mersey (East), Inglis (north), and Franklin (South).

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