Seashells of Tasmania: A Comprehensive Guide


Author: Simon Grove
Published: 2nd Edition 2019
Pages: 82
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Seashells of Tasmania: A Comprehensive Guide

How often has a casual stroll along a Tasmanian Beach resulted in a pocketful of shells that you wish you knew more about? How many species of cowrie have you got sitting in that jar of holiday treasure?

How different are winkles and whelks, scallops and oysters, cockles and mussels?  Are all those limpets on the rocks the the same species? Is that screw-shell native? Are all abalones the same? What shell species went into making that necklace?

This book will help you find out- and much more.

  • Tailored for Tasmania, but relevant for all of southern Australia
  • Comprehensive and authoritative coverage of all species over 10mm in length that are likely to be encountered on the shore
  • Illustrates the commonest 350 species, and covers a further 100
  • Accessible and attractive format
  • Ideal companion for beachcombers, naturalists and bioligists
  • Perfect for the shack, holiday-home or guest-house

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