Legerwood 1:50,000 Topo Map


Edition: 1
Production Year: 2017
Datum: GDA94

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Legerwood 1:50,000 Topo Map

Legerwood 1:50,000 Topographic Map covers an area in Tasmania’s North-East and includes Scottsdale and Ringarooma.

Towns and features shown on this map include Branxholm, Weldborough, Trenah, Alberton, Winnaleah and Derby (Renowned for its world-class mountain biking tracks.  The North-East Rail Trail is shown on the map, extending east from Scottsdale.

This map sits to the west of the Blue Tier/Goulds Country areas.

Mountains featured include Mount Maurice (1122m), Mount Victoria (1213m) and Mount Albert (1123m).

This map covers the northern half of the Forester 1:100,000 Topographic Map

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