Larapinta Trail Guide – John Chapman


Authors: John & Monica Chapman
Published: 2nd Edition 2015
Pages: 160 Softcover
Size: 15cm x 21cm x 1cm
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Larapinta Trail Guide

The Larapinta Trail guide details the track along the West MacDonnell Range winding its way through rugged gorges, crossing spinifex-covered plains and traversing high, rocky ridges.

From vantage points along its 231km length, there are extensive views highlighting the vast open spaces of central Australia.

Diverse vegetation, tranquil waterholes and the rich, earthy colours of escarpments are just a few of the delights that await.

  • Comprehensive track notes and topographic mnaps
  • Gradient profiles
  • Geology, histoy, botany and wildlife information
  • Colour photographs throughout.

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