Israel Adventure Travel Map – National Geographic


Publisher: National Geographic
Publication Date: July 2013
Size Folded: 23cm x 10.4cm
Size Unfolded: 95.8cm x 64.7cm

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Israel Adventure Travel Map

The Israel Adventure Travel Map is the perfect travel companion for Holy Land adventure travelers. It covers Israel in its entirety, Palestinian areas in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and bordering areas in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

The front side of the map shows northern Israel, including the cities of Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Haifa; the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret); Nazareth; the Golan Heights and most of the Dead Sea. The reverse covers the cities of Be’ersheva, Hebron, Bethlehem and Eilat along with the Gaza Strip, Dead Sea, the ancient fortification of Masada and the Jordanian city of Aqaba.

The map features a clearly marked network of both primary and secondary roads and an index of cities and towns to guide you on your adventure. It also highlights hundreds of recreational, ecological, cultural, and historic destinations. Mapped hiking trails, including The Israel Trail, will help you get off the beaten path.

Every Adventure Map is printed on durable synthetic paper, making them waterproof, tear-resistant and tough — capable of withstanding the rigors of international travel.

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