Fossey Mountains 1:50,000 Topo Map


Edition: 1
Production Year: 2016
Datum: GDA94
Scale: 1:50,000

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Fossey Mountains 1:50,000 Topo Map

The picturesque Mount Roland, occupying the central part of the Fossey Mountains 1:50,000 Topographic Map, is a popular day walk destination.

The mountain range gives panoramic views over the town of Sheffield and its fertile agricultural plains to the north and the ravines carved by the Mersey River to the south. Extensive karst systems are a feature of the southern area around Mole Creek before the land rises steeply into the Great Western Tiers.

The River Forth in the western part forms a chain of lakes used to generate electricity and divides the range. Lake Barrington is the venue for an internationally acclaimed rowing course.

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