Eat Wild Tasmanian

Eat Wild Tasmanian


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Author: Rees Campbell
Pages: 196, Hardcover
Published: October 2017

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Eat Wild Tasmanian

The first of its kind, Rees Campbell’s Eat Wild Tasmanian de-mystifies the botanical larder of the southern Australian bush.  You will find out where plants grow, which parts to harvest and when, which ones will suit your garden – and most importantly, what to do with the produce once you have picked it.

With more than 100 easy-to-follow recipes, Eat Wild Tasmanian is replete with colour photos of the food and the plants, along with growing notes and distribution maps.

This innovative and original book is a must-have for the Tasmanian gardener, the Tasmanian cook, every gourmet chef in Australia, and every visitor or resident who enjoys Tasmania’s unique wild places.

Tasmanian wild food can now be in your garden and on your table, from native violet jelly to wallaby with warrigal pesto. Eat Wild Tasmanian is your companion in the bush and in the kitchen.