A Catalogue of the Minerals of Tasmania


Publisher: Mineral Resources Tas
Published: 2008
Authors: R.S Bottrill, W.S Baker
Size: A4, 254 Pages Softcover

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A Catalogue of the Minerals of Tasmania

Catalogues of the minerals found in Tasmania have been kept since almost the earliest days of mining and have been of invaluable assistance to prospectors, mineral explorers, mineralogists and collectors.   The Catalogue of the Minerals of Tasmania was first published by the Tasmania Department of Mines in 1910, and was extensively revised in 1969.

Since then the improvements in geology technology and further investigations of minerals and mineral deposits have not only increased the number of identified species and data on mineral occurrences, but have also invalidated many previous ‘species’.

The new Catalogue of the Minerals of Tasmania, published in late 2008, extensively updates the previous catalogue. A total of 753 minerals are described, comprising 483 confirmed species, 162 unconfirmed species, 72 variety or invalid names, and 36 series and group names. All entries in the 1969 catalogue have been re-evaluated and are now reclassified as to their known or likely validity. Species invalidated or doubted from the 1969 listing have been retained, with comments.

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