Map Pinboard

Here at the Tasmanian Map Centre, we frame maps on foam pinboards to make your own Map Pinboard!

Map pinboards are a great and attractive way to track your travels, or plan your dream travel destinations.

We take maps we sell and frame them on a foam backing after laminating.  What you do with them is then up to you but here are a few ideas:

Use them to:

  • Track your individual travels
  • Use different coloured pins for different trips
  • Put one in your BnB for your guests mark where they’re from
  • Track the travels of your family members with different colour pins for each member, and another colour for where you’ve all been together.
  • Track customers in your store – our customers love ours!
  • Pin places you want to go, and once you’ve been, swap the pin our for a different colour!

COVID-19 Update: We’re currently open 10am to 1pm weekdays and still shipping orders!